Pedagogical assistant

I am Bohdana, 27 years old and I was born in Limburg, the south of the Netherlands.

At Kidzz I work as a Dutch teacher at the baby location. (0-2 years old)

I graduated as a specialized pedagogical worker, level 4 in Sittard, the Netherlands in 2015.

What I love to do is discover, to be outside, see and experience new things.
I have already seen a number of places in the world and would love to see a lot more!

My love for people and especially for children is shown in my work. I do my job with love, care and attention.

I have been living in Barcelona since June 2019.
My intention was not to stay here but to taste a little bit of the Spanish life for a few months... but I never left.

I am very grateful for the fact I can work in a Dutch and English environment in Barcelona.


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